The premises


Around the G.O. Center office block there are in total 108 parking places. Moreover, in the underground parking area we intend to arrange lockable bicycle parking with access to the toilet on the ground floor, which includes shower facilities for the bikers. There will also be a designated place for the charging of electric cars. On the top floor there is access to the 50 m2 terrace, which is intended for the common use of all tenants.

Integrated operating services:

  • Maintenance of the common area
  • Plant care
  • Snow removal
  • Solid waste disposal
  • Maintenance and repair of the equipment and building
  • Maintenance of the lifts
  • Maintenance and service of the ventilation, heating and air conditioning equipment
  • Fire protection services
  • Property insurance (with the exception of the tenants rented areas)
  • Administration and management of the building
  • Cleaning of the windows from the inside

Fit out:

  • Tiled carpeting
  • Floor electricity grid
  • Lighting
  • Fully equiped toilets on every floor
  • Kitchen point on every floor
  • Modern air conditioning and heating system with zone-controlled temperature with range + – 4 degrees C
  • Ventilation system with humidifier and recuperator
  • Lighting points 500 lux
  • Height from floor to ceiling – 3,12 m
  • Fibreoptics cabling avaiable on each floor
  • Fire protection system
  • Two lifts
  • CCTV
  • Security
  • Reception
  • Tilted windows
  • plus a lot of other option of arrangement